Agassiz Music Festival
International Cello Festival of Canada

June 6-12, 2015
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Agassiz Music Festival
Agassiz Music Festival
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Every June Agassiz Music presents the week-long Agassiz Chamber Music Festival in Winnipeg, Canada. Every third year (2011, 2014..), partnering with the Winnipeg Arts Council, Agassiz Music presents the International Cello Festival of Canada.

Agassiz Music Events

International Cello Festival of Canada 2014

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International Cello Festival of Canada 2011

Congratulations to Grace Hicks of Winnipeg, Manitoba, who won the 2014 Cello Festival ticket draw for 2 passes to the 2015 Agassiz Chamber Music Festival. Agassiz Chamber Music Festivals since 2000
Some of the artists from our 2013 festival; Paul Marleyn, Thomas Sauer, Andrea Ratuski, Yehonatan Berick, Colin Carr and Dave Harding. Photograph by Mavis Whicker.

2013 Festival

In Concert

To hear a sample of a concert from the 2012 Agassiz Chamber Music Festival, click here:

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This track is the Andante con variazione from the Schubert Octet played by Scott St. John, Olivier Thouin, Sharon Wei, Paul Marleyn, Meredith Johnston, Micah Heilbrunn, Jim Ewen, and James Somerville.

To hear a sample from the 2011 International Cello festival of Canada, click here:

Click to see

This track is from a rehearsal of the 2011 International Cello Festival of Canada Cello Orchestra playing David Popper's Requiem

Who We Are

Board of Directors

  • Paul Marleyn - Artistic Director and President
  • Gail Bauer - Treasurer
  • Nicola Schaefer - Secretary
  • Lenard Carlson
  • Veronica Larmour
  • Michael Thompson
  • Anne Ratuski
  • Lawrence Donald Honourary Counsel


  • Rita Menzies - Festival Director
  • Bowen Xue - Web Development / Maintenance


Agassiz Music was named after Lake Agassiz, the ancient and vast lake which covered large parts of Manitoba, as well as much of Alberta, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Saskatchewan and Ontario. Our vision is provide international level concerts, masterclasses and events in the centre of the country, featuring the most renowned artists and composers living in this rich geographical area, alongside other nationally and internationally celebrated artists.

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  • The Gail Asper Family Foundation
  • L.B.L. Holdings LTD.
  • Triple A Foundation (The Winnipeg Foundation)
  • The Kuhl Foundation (Outreach and Education)

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